The new Subhuman (English translation)

(Der neue Untermensch).

Es kommt vor, daß ich meine, daß etwas klirrt,

daß sich irgendetwas in mir verirrt,

ein Geräusch, nicht mal laut

manchmal klirrt es vertraut

selten so, daß man es direkt durchschaut.


Man wird wach, reibt die Augen und sieht

in einem Bild zwischen Brueghel und Bosch

keinen Menschen, der um Sirenen was gibt

weil Entwarnung nur halb soviel kostet

es riecht nach Kristallnacht

something seems to slip my mind,

a sound barely heard,

at times familiar, absurd,

Seldom seen, even then it disturbs


You would wake, rub your eyes, and behold,

on a canvas between Brueghel and Bosch

Who’s going to pay for an alarm,

when a threat is only half of the cost?

It smells like Kristallnacht




August 2, 2021. My children are enjoying their vacation and I am looking for a way to fund my keep. Because my two sons are either messing about or vegetating in front of the TV or gazing at the screen of their tablet, with the whole family we’re going to get an ice cream in the neighboring town of Ommen. Even my 12-year-old teenage daughter forgets her cell phone and her favorite TV series for a while. I am trying to forget my great concerns about the future of my children and myself for a while. I’m not feeling remotely confident that the frightening events of the past year and a half will spontaneously turn for the better.

It’s busy at the ice cream parlor in Ommen. The surrounding terraces are full. People talk, laugh, and enjoy their ice cream. The atmosphere is relaxed, fear of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has completely disappeared. Here, everything seems to be as usual, as if COVID19 no longer exists. For a moment my concerns about and fear for the future fade into the background.

But not completely. The images of the protests against the strict corona precautions a day ago in Berlin, keep drifting through my mind. Merkel’s bloodhounds launched a manhunt for children, women, elderly people, and anyone else who wanted to peacefully raise their voice of protest. A child, sitting on the ground and trying to protect his mother, is knocked vigorously to the ground. An old woman is removed in a chokehold, carried off by four black-uniformed henchmen. Merkel’s rogue hordes, armed with water cannons, clubs and tear gas, pound, and slash unashamedly at defenseless civilians, several of them demonstratively raising their hands.

There can be no doubt that these are the same people equally to the members of the Sturm Abteilung (SA) of the NSDAP, Hitler’s personal goon squad, which some eighty years ago was sent out at anyone who dared to criticize the National Socialists. Time evolves, but human nature doesn’t. The fact that to date ‘only’ one death has occurred is only due to the last remnant of civilization that is left, and to the many journalists who capture the event for posterity. Yet, they too are increasingly subject to excessive and intended violence in order to hide the terror, legitimized by the German state against its own population, from the eye of the world.

In France, similarly heavily armored savage hordes were deployed to beat fiends off terraces, for not being vaccinated, for protesting against the vaccination-ID which shows that they have submitted themselves and have put their bodies at the disposal of the State. Anyone who cannot prove this, will be denied access to concerts, moreover, entering cinemas, restaurants and public transport is prohibited. Anyone who cannot show a vaccination-ID may be beaten and imprisoned. It is no longer an anticipation of medical dictatorship; it is an accomplished fact. And while writing this blog, German politicians have decided that unvaccinated people are no longer welcome anywhere, with the purpose of enforcing absolute obedience to the New Vaccination ideology: “Impfung macht Frei” (Vaccination sets you free…).

This is no longer about precautions to limit the spread of a virus. The goal now is to enforce complete subjugation of citizens and establish the Medical Totalitarian State. And for that, anyone who stands in the way of this goal must be subdued, herded together like animals, and disposed of. Initially to another district or to the police station, but the word ‘quarantine camp’ where ‘infected’ people can, no, should be detained, has already been used. A German politician, of all things from Bavaria, called for deportation of unwilling people not wanting to comply with the corona precautions. At which location stayed unrevealed, but the train connections to the East are excellent and more than enough space is available after ‘Die Wende’.

Even in the fresh breeze and in the warm sun, which occasionally peeks through the cloud cover, I can’t get these images out of my head. With a mixture of bewilderment and gloom I look around: don’t these people see what is happening just 500 kilometers from here? Don’t they know? Are they not interested? Have they had themselves vaccinated, just to ‘recover’ their freedom? Did they perhaps want to go ‘Dancing with Janssen’? Did they foolishly get their children vaccinated to spare them from the denunciation of the Totalitarian State? Are they aware of the possible future that awaits us, if new dictators like Merkel and Macron get it the way they want? I hope so, but I fear not.

I wonder to what extent Sinti and Roma in the 1930s anticipated they would be gassed in vast numbers. Were there any among them who saw it coming and warned family and friends of the horror to come? I can hardly imagine. In the late 1920s, who could anticipate that their sick and therefore inferior children would be forcibly sterilized by the State, because they were seen as useless, worthless, and completely expendable? Just like today it turned out, that one had had nothing to expect from a major part of the medical professionals. A large part of the medical practitioners cooperated enthusiastically and with conviction. Most of the applications for forced sterilization came from doctors. After all, eugenics was an official medical science, taught at many German, but also English and American Universities! Protection could not be expected from the judicial authorities either: Special ‘Genetic Health Courts’ sentenced positively on the vast majority of forced sterilization applications. For a higher purpose, purging society of inferior inhumane elements. How many parents anticipated that their handicapped children would be murdered in special ‘Todeskrankenhäuser’, equally enthusiastically staffed by doctors and nurses who had surrendered the Hippocratic Oath to the Nazis. How many parents had to watch their child, suffering from a psychiatric disorder, being abducted from their home by the police, officially because they needed treatment, but never returning home after treatment, as they were ‘euthanized’, or ‘decently murdered’? These psychiatric patients were the first to ‘pilot test’ the gas chambers…

All for the greater good, the alleged importance of society over the individual, exactly the same argument now being used by people like Roland Pierik, Marcel Verweij, Gert van Dijk, Brigit Toebes, Martin Buijsen, Pauline van Steijnen and many others, who consider themselves as intellectual, civilized and decent, thus feeling far superior to the rabble. Some of them are ‘philosophers of law’ and ethicists, but above all, people who believe that they are pursuing a higher goal and who consider their opinion as morally superior. It reflects the same people who embraced Eugenics with equal enthusiasm in the 1930s. For the greater good.

Time evolves, human nature does not.

I clearly recall the interview with Mattias Desmet at ‘De Nieuwe Wereld’, called “The Coronacrisis and the Undercurrent of Totalitarianism”. I hear his clearly and well-substantiated warnings of the current developments being the first steps towards a Totalitarian State. Using Hannah Ahrend’s book, “The Origins of Totalitarianism”, he outlines how a Totalitarian State comes into being. He specifically stated that not every step towards the often cruel and horrific end must be carried out, and progress could stop at any time. Alas, the interview was recorded well before countries like Italy, France and Greece decided to introduce a vaccination passport. In several countries vaccination has already been mandated for healthcare workers. Also 12 to 17-year-olds now must have a go, with authorities utilizing every possible temptation, down to ice cream and donuts, to persuade them to get vaccinated. Hugo de Jonge, autonomously, decided that parental authority can basically be suspended, and children can decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated, they even can arrange an anonymous appointment for vaccination. All in the belief that peer pressure causes the final push. In Germany, politicians decided that, despite the negative advice of German pediatricians, vaccination should be offered in this age group. The only positive thing here is, that these German pediatricians apparently see the interests of the German children as priority, in contrast to the Dutch pediatricians, under the inspiring leadership of Károla Illy, who give in to an abstract result of a repeatedly failing theoretical model, regardless of their primary responsibility to first and foremost look after the well-being of children.

Anyone who still doesn’t see parallels with the rise of National Socialism is stone deaf and blind as a bat. People who ‘want their freedom back’ by implicitly putting their bodies at the disposal of the State, and who apparently attach a low degree of importance to the right to physical autonomy, should not be surprised when, in the near future, their bodies are again and repeatedly claimed by the Government for ‘the greater good’. The barrier of autonomy has been demolished; the State determines what should happen with your body.

Large part of the academic elite and the wealthy bourgeoisie deem a comparison with the Second World War ‘inappropriate’, pointing to the large number of victims it claimed. These people forget that World War II was the climax of the Symphony of Death, not the prelude. A prelude that became louder and louder, and in which an increasing number of musicians from Death’s Symphony Orchestra participated.

Another argument posed by this intellectual elite and wealthy middle class is: You cannot choose to be a Sinti, a Roma, or a Jew, but you can choose to be vaccinated or not. It is an extremely naive and short-sighted argument from those who are unfamiliar with history. The Nazis started eliminating their political opponents; socialists and communists, in the early 1930s. By 1933, 700 communists, socialists and other political opponents had already been detained in protective custody. Where one cannot choose origin, physical or psychological condition, the choice for a political color is certainly one’s own choice.

The above reflects the same strategy used by despots like Stalin and Xi Jinping in the totalitarian states they founded. Stalin sent his opponents, whether real or not, just existing in his psychopathic brain, to the Gulachs in Siberia. Xi Jingping detains his critics and dissidents in ‘re-education camps’. In case they escape, their family will be locked up, or a ‘less humane’ consequence will hit them. If I have understood the intellectual elite and wealthy bourgeoisie correctly, these politically leprous fellow human-beings owe this to themselves. Had they chosen the correct political color, this would never have happened to them. Lack of freedom comes with obligations; they seem to think.

Next, the massacre in Rwanda. Contrary to popular perception, the Hutus and the Tutsis are of the same race. The only difference between these two population groups was the contrast between rich and poor, caused by many years of colonization by the Germans and the Belgians. The Hutus were poor, the Tutsis rich. The Tutsis were superior, the Hutus were inferior, and that discernment even divided families. This disparity led to a massacre of the Tutsis and the moderate Hutus, in which between 500,000 and a million people were brutally murdered with knives, axes, pickaxes and machetes within 100 days, often by their own families. The prelude took 75 years, the climax only 100 days.

The first stage towards a Totalitarian State always consists of identifying an inferior group of people who can be blamed for social problems. As Joseph Goebbels put it: “Propaganda must facilitate the suppression of aggression by defining targets of hatred”. A target to cause hate within the vaccinated; and that target is offered: The unvaccinated. Next, anything that threatens the Totalitarian Vaccination State must be silenced, fired, excluded, disabled, imprisoned, and yes, tortured and killed, if necessary. Regardless of whether it is a Jew, a Gypsy, a Communist, a Socialist or someone of their own blood. no matter whether it concerns a disabled person, a psychiatric patient or an unvaccinated fellow human-being. Most, except for a few, broadly welcome it with satisfaction, encourages hatred and passionately welcome the demonization of this fellow human-being. How dare they question the authority of the Great Leader, the Church, das Reich, and now the mighty Realm of Science. And of course, various media are fully cooperating with the New Truth, and critics are censored and expelled from social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Once again, Joseph Goebbels proved to be right: “See the media as a wonderful keyboard, on which the government can play”.

Anyone who assumes this not applicable to the Netherlands should read the statements of Sander Schimmelpenninck, and let it sink in. Of all people, this is a journalist who preaches hatred towards the unvaccinated and allows himself to be used as a ‘governmental instrument’ by this government’s vaccination propaganda. He suggests that conspiracy promoters and woo-woo whisperers should simply be arrested. According to Schimmelpenninck, they, the conspiracy promoters, and woo-woo whisperers, are directly responsible for the suffering of their unvaccinated devotees. According to him, just because every moron in this country is allowed to be chanting anything they like. It does not occur to him that many people exist, who deliberately and well-substantiated refrain from vaccination, defending that this should be always a free choice. Given that a large part of the population, strictly speaking, does not even need a vaccine, because they do not, or hardly get ill from an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or because they have already carried the infection and are well protected by their own immune system, does not at all fit into the holy vaccination ideology of Schimmelpenninck. And therefore, anyone who does not believe in this ideology should, in Schimmelpenninck’s view, be considered inferior, despicable creatures, and should not be allowed to their own opinion, let alone express it. They must be hunted down and imprisoned. For those who express themselves about their fellow human beings in this way, the moment of detaining people with dissenting opinions in concentration camps for ‘protected custody’ is not far away, and the question will then be, what ‘final’ solution he is thinking of, to solve the problem of the conspiracy promoters and the woo-woo whisperers.

Schimmelpenninck could not have given a better illustration of what I describe above, and fear most.

The only distinction in the initial stages of the installment of the Totalitarian State is ‘us’ versus ‘them’, currently ‘them’ being the people who, for widely variable and legitimate reasons, do not want to be vaccinated. They are regarded as selfish and inferior by the vaccinated, who consider themselves morally superior. The principle that vaccination is primarily and above all intended to protect the recipient against an infectious disease, is long forgotten. It doesn’t matter anymore whether vaccinated people can spread the virus just as well as unvaccinated people. It’s not about ‘flattening the curve’, sparing care, or ‘getting the coronavirus down together’ anymore. No longer a virus from which most of humanity has nothing to fear, especially not compared to other infectious diseases that have claimed way more victims in the last fifty years. It is all about right versus wrong, morally superior versus morally inferior, Superhuman versus Subhuman, “Übermensch gegen Untermensch”.

The way peaceful citizens, of all creeds, kinds, and positions, of all ages and of all political colors are mistreated and beaten up on the Museumplein, Amsterdam, the Malieveld, the Hague, in Berlin or Paris, is the prelude to this development, not the climax. And even people such as Erwin Kompanje, who stands neutral towards people who want to be vaccinated and those who don’t, momentarily dares to draw parallels between the 1930s and the current situation. In his last blog he points it out in a subtle, but unmistakable way:

Examples abound in the history of mankind to which it can lead if minorities are treated as inferior. Examples of which we kept saying, “Never again,” and for which we erect monuments in remembrance of the previous immoral oppression. But histories tend to repeat themselves over and over.

Most disturbingly, various governments have deliberately pushed for this Medical Apartheid. The “Panic Paper” written on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Homeland, the ‘nudging’ by England’s ‘SAGE-B’, and the ‘behavioral influencing’ by the Corona Behavior Unit of the Dutch ‘National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM’; it all served the same purpose: Stirring up fear, to force the population to conform to the imposed measures. Fear of becoming ‘infected’, becoming ill and dying, however small the chance. The above agencies are deliberately and knowingly fueling this fear of death, currently with apocalyptic predictions about death toll, the sheer numbers of sick people who will flood hospitals like a tsunami, and the dire consequences of enduring the disease. With means, among others, of a face mask obligation, deemed to be the new Yellow Star of David, to immediately visualize whoever refuses to comply with the new Laws of the Totalitarian Medical State. We have all been able to see the repercussions of not wearing a face mask. In Israel, people were expelled from the beach by heavily armed soldiers, their submachine guns at the ready. In the Netherlands, mothers were forced to wear a face mask during childbirth. Then they were immediately separated from their own newborn if they showed a positive test result. There were shopkeepers who refused to serve customers if they were not wearing a mask. Mothers in Germany who were arrested for not wearing the mask correctly. People and children, despite everything enjoying the snow fun, who were chased by Merkel’s squads for not wearing a face mask on a sled, because on a sled it is impossible to keep a distance of one and a half meters. In Australia, where ‘security guards’ dragged boys as young as 16 out, unconscious due to a chokehold, and threw them on the sidewalk like garbage. Elderly people with heart conditions and COPD who were kicked out of public transport and bashed because they were too short of a breath to wear a mask. An old man in his seventies, being dragged out of a store by his legs by a ‘guard’. And this is just a tiny crumb on top of the huge mountain of maltreatment of citizens who refused to participate in this ‘behavioral influencing’.

This should never happen again. Right?

And now, there is a vaccination passport that should separate the moral Superhuman from the moral Subhuman. Anyone who does have themselves vaccinated is selfish and ‘decadent’ and does not realize that ‘freedom comes with obligations’. They don’t deserve to visit a concert, they should be denied access to a restaurant, and of course they have no right to healthcare or an ICU bed. I hear people saying that, if unvaccinated people get COVID19, they should be allowed to die, capture it on video and post it on social media. As a frightening example to the unvaccinated. In their view, getting rid of the unvaccinated is not a matter of ideology, but a matter of purification. Exactly the desired result of the ‘behavioral influence’ by the above-mentioned authorities.

What’s the difference between this ‘nudging’ and ‘influencing behavior’ on the one hand and the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels, on the other, who summarized his objectives as follows: “Propaganda works best when those who have been manipulated are confident that they are acting out of their own free will.” And then this statement: “The most brilliant propaganda technique will fail, unless a basic principle is constantly kept in mind – it has to be limited to a few points and repeated over and over again.” As if the alter ego of Joseph Goebbels, it is Hugo de Jonge, directed by the Behavioral Unit of the RIVM, reconstructing the ‘Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda’ (State Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda).

Time evolves, human nature does not.

I have spoken to several people of Russian, Chinese, Iraqi and Iranian and even Turkish descent who assess the current developments with great anxiety, because they know and recognize them so very well, simply because they saw the equivalent happening in their own homeland and imagine themselves being in that homeland again.

How long does one have to wait, hoping it will all work out? How long does one have to fight against a Totalitarian Medical Regime in progress? When will the time come to stop fighting the emergence of medical apartheid, and to escape to a safe country, free of vaccinations, where unvaccinated people are not excluded, ridiculed, smeared, humiliated, and demonized as they face the corona restrictions and lockdowns, or simply question them, or refuse to be vaccinated, for whatever reason? Where they are not banned from bars, restaurants, Arts & Culture institutions, not fired based for not being vaccinated, and not denied access to supermarkets.

The body that accompanies our mind during the short period we walk on this globe, is the property of that mind, and should never become the property of the State. There is no higher objective than that.

Unfortunately, a large part of the Dutch does not see it. And will not see it.

Until it’s too late.

We are awaiting a new ‘Kristallnacht’.